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We have created a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide training to both internal staff and valued clients in a wide range of subjects for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our LMS is a web based platform with a one-time or subscription-based model to meet our client needs. Each course is issued with a Certificate of Completion that can be printed and included in an employee's in-site training folder. Our course categories include:  

  • Good Manufacturing Practices. We have created a suite of training modules in line with Eudralex Volume 4 to explain and expand on the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. Modules include Quality Management, Personnel, Documentation, Facilities, Validation, Computer Systems. 

  • Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) are medicines for human use that are based on genes, tissues or cells. They offer groundbreaking new opportunities for the treatment of disease and injury. Our ATMP course focuses on the GMP requirements for the production of ATMPs.

  • Technology Transfer. Our Technology Transfer training module provides an outline of the different types of Technology Transfer available and the steps to be taken in successfully transferring a product from one site to another. 

  • Engineering. We have several training modules related to engineering design and best practices for Facilities, Utilities, HVAC, Water, Clean In Place, Sterilization in Place and Compressed Gases. These courses align with best GMP, GEP, ISPE and AMSE BPE standards.

  • Contamination Control. Contamination Control is critical in all pharmaceutical facilities especially those producing sterile products. Our module on contamination control outlines best practices for controlling contamination and building a defendable contamination control strategy that aligns with the expectations of EU Annex 1.    


If any additional training modules are required we can work in collaboration with your onsite team to develop and deliver content specific to your needs. We can also offer site based training if that is what our client prefer


Register today to find out more and get started with Pharmalliance LMS and get emailed a Free access code for LMS-01 "Overview of Good Manufacturing Practices".

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